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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  July 14, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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used in the attack, if you look closely the passenger side of the windshield is covered in bullet holes. we don't know if the police have fired on the truck or the driver was firing out. this is a look from the ground. a lot of french law enforcement on the, debris and bodies all over the road there. some of these body have been covered up. but overall, a lot of carnage. according to the french interior ministry, the driver behind the attack has been killed. now investigators are looking into whether he acted alone. no group that is claimed responsibility. but this is another attack on france coming on bastille day, which is french national day. stay with us for the latest developments. >> thank you. scott pelley will have extensive coverage coming up at the bottom of the hour on the "cbs evening news." moving now to campaign 2016, cbs news is reporting
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that donald trump will pick indiana governor mike pence to be his vice president. reporter weijia jang is in cleveland tonight where the republican convention starts in just four days. but just in the last half-hour or so, the trump campaign put the official announcement on hold. tell us about it. >> reporter: ken, just a short time ago donald trump sent out a tweet saying he has canceled an event scheduled for tomorrow morning in new york city where he was going to formally announce his running mate. sources tell cbs news that is in fact governor pence. you can add something to the gop ticket that trump cannot, that's significant political experience, he can add something to the gop ticket. a cbs news source says mike pence will be the vice- presidential running mate to donald trump. it comes one day after they spent time together at his indiana home. >> i support donald trump. i think he has the right stuff. >> reporter: pence is a virtual unknown to many voters.
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a cbs news/new york times poll shows 86% say they don't know enough about him to formulate an opinion. but pence is seen as someone who can rally the conservative base. >> it will keep the delegates at the convention happy. he is a social conservative. he is a family man. and he is an economic conservative. >> reporter: here news of the pence pick was met with enthusiasm among delegates already in town working on rules for next week's republican national convention. >> they definitely have different style in public speaking. but i think they will complement each other incredit ply well. >> reporter: hillary clinton is also working to finalize who she will choose to be her vice- presidential nominee. she is campaigning with virginia senator tim kaine who is rumored to be among a short list of finalists for the job. >> hillary is ready to make history. [ applause and cheers ] >> and that's why we're ready for hillary. >> reporter: the same cbs news poll also shows clinton and trump are in a dead heat
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heading into the convention. and one very important gop leader approved of the pence pick and that's house speaker paul ryan. he makes mow secret that he is a big fan especially when it comes to energizing conservative republicans. and they wanted to time out the official announcement with the opening day of the convention, which is monday here in downtown cleveland. that's where we are live tonight. weijia jang, kpix 5. >> thank you. we are getting a look at the line-up of convention speakers for next week. sillicon valley billionaire peter thiel will speak along with one-time nfl star tim tebow. other guest speakers including pro golfer natalie galdus and former new york mayor rudy giuliani. in san jose, more backlash from that violent trump rally last month. individuals who attended are now suing. 14 defendants filed a class action lawsuit against the city
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of san jose. mayor sam liccardo and the chief of police eddie garcia. they say the city did not do enough to protect them. the mayor and police have said in the past they did everything they could. we're following breaking news now in sonoma county. chopper 5 over a mobile home park on condi lane in windsor where the bomb squad is on the scene. firefighters were called to put out a fire in one mobile home and then next door they spotted what looked like an explosive device with a timer on it. the sheriff's office is evacuating neighbors and asking people to stay away from the area. these are live pictures right now. this is condi lane in windsor. it's all the information we have. but we'll bring you more as soon as we get it. new at 5:00 kids in california public schools will be taught a new subject, gay rights. kpix 5's jessica flores shows us lessons start in second grade. >> reporter: in san francisco,
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lgbt history is all around. but state school officials today adopting new guidelines making the history part of classroom lessons in all california schools. at our family coalition, a group representing lgbt families, jennifer grant says she is excited. her 15-year-old twins will learn about the movement for gay marriage. >> they were at my wedding to my "wife" but they have no understanding of what -- who fought for that and how we got to that point. >> reporter: the law to include lgbt history passed four years ago. but budget cuts and opposition, like this petition against it, stalled the plan. now california public school curriculum will include lesson in second grade about diverse families, in fourth grade students learning about california's place in the gay rights movement. in fifth, eighth grade and high school students will learned about gender roles in the 18th and 19th centuries and examples of individuals who flouted
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them. in the classroom, students will learn about prominent lgbt historical figures throughout the world. perhaps they will learn about someone like oscar wilde, the writer. >> we may not agree with all the history or the experiences. we may embrace some of it. but i really want my children and i would hope all parents would want their children to learn about everything that's out there and then make up their own minds. >> reporter: the latest victory in the gay rights movement. it's now in the classroom. in san francisco, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. >> teachers are expected to start using the new curriculum in the fall of 2017. and that's not the only change. word about asia that california ds will be taught. that's at 6:00. a natural gas leak forced the evacuations this afternoon in san jose. chopper 5 was over the scene on alum rock avenue near 680. you can see fire trucks and pg&e crews out there.
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the latest word that we have is that alum rock is closed between jackson and capitol avenues including an on-ramp on on 680. we have learned about the shooting in hayward yesterday. it was not random. sources say the victim was targeted. the man who was killed was about to make a left turn in a red pickup in the cherryland area yesterday afternoon. police say another car pulled up and a man jumped out and shot 38-year-old aiden katami of antioch. the suspect and driver were chased down. they are still looking for the gun. kpix 5's da lin will have an update for us at 6:00 including surveillance video that showed what happened moments after the gunfire. two men were shot in east san jose. this happened just before 11:00 this morning on tierra buena drive. one man is in serious condition, the other will be okay. investigators are trying to
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figure out a motive. >> whenever they are shooting in a residential area, absolutely, neighbors are always in harm's way. we are fortunate that a lot of the neighbors came out and provided information that enabled us to locate the first victim and then help identify the second. >> so far officers have not identified a suspect but they say it's also possible the two men were shooting at each other. the shootings on highway 4 got so bad pittsburg said it was time to get surveillance cameras. more than a dozen are going up. this comes after a series of shootings including one that killed a woman in may. kpix 5 reporter emily turner is in pittsburg and got an early look at how police will be using these cameras. >> reporter: there have been 30 shootings necessary couldn't alone on highways. officials and residents hope these cameras will put a stop to that especially if pittsburg
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if not the entire county. two-month and two highway shootings later, pittsburg's network of surveillance cameras is almost complete. 14 traffic cameras on highway 4 will now join the 120-plus already up across the city. >> quickly realized that the freeway is the only place we don't have video coverage or cameras. >> reporter: they are in the process of setting them up now to be fully functional by monday. they watch the city limits watching for criminals coming in and out town. they can be accessed and control from officers' mobile phones. >> one it's hopefully a deterrent to people coming into this region with intent to admit crimes. and two, it's an investigative tool should something happen on the freeway. >> reporter: recordings will be kept for 90 days in case they are needed for evidence and several have license plate readers to catch crooks wanted for already committing a crime. the city spent over $100,000 on the system. they hope it will pay off in spades. >> we're very thankful and this
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is definitely become a plan that other jurisdiction can use as a result. >> reporter: to be clear, these are not traffic cameras as in watching traffic. these are cameras that are looking specifically for criminal activity or criminals on the road. in fact, pittsburg already has a crew of police officers who are deployed specifically in relation to information they are gleaning with the cameras that are already up and working. they are getting good information from them already. live in pittsburg, emily turner, kpix 5. new at 5:00 a brazen thief caught on camera. the single item that police say this man stole from a jewelry store coming up. >> this sums up our weather for today. half moon bay hit a high of 59 degrees. and nine miles away, the high was 95 degrees. so were you super hot or cold? well, here comes the fog san francisco cold. we'll talk about how long this inland heat sticks around. >> and drones are doing more than flying these days. what they can do under water.
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(upbeat music) - [voiceover] you are san francisco. we've been with you from the beginning. we've seen each other through good times and bad. sickness and health. we're with you san francisco, and you bring out the best in us. care. zuckerberg san francisco general hospital and trauma center.
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the incident, which en ck in june, was police in concord are asking for your help in catching a diamond thief. the incident which happened back in june was caught on camera. the man in the white shirt and the black hat there entered the store asked to see a ring in the display case. as soon as the ring was handed over, he took off running. concord police say the ring was word about $3,000. the suspect described as a white male between 28 and 30. other bay area headlines right now. firefighters believe a roman candle may have started this grass fire in east san jose early this morning. they found the firework just steps from the ten acre fire on
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the sierra vista open space preserve. more than 50 firefighters worked to put it out. oakland police are hoping surveillance video can help them solve a murder mystery. they found a man in his 30s shot to death in the area of 35th an san pablo just after 4:00 this morning. shotspotter technology alerted officers about multiple gunshots. this is oakland's 34th homicide this year. backers of an oakland soda tax filed a complaint with the communications commission and ethics commission. they are upset about an ad against the measure. it would levy a one cent per ounce tax of sales of sugary drinks. supporters say the opponents' tv ad lies because it refers to the measure as a grocery tax implying it goes beyond sugary drinks. some new pr trouble for tesla. consumer reports is calling on the electric automaker to
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change the name of its autopilot driving system. and he wants tesla to disconnect the automatic steering feature. this comes after a deadly crash in florida back in may. the driver had the autopilot feature activated. magazine says calling the system autopilot promotes a dangerous assumption that the cars can drive themselves. but things appear to be going smoother in the [ indiscernible ] the department of transportation says u.s. airlines posted a better on time rate for may and complaints dropped compared with the same month last year. alaska and hawaiian airlines had the best on time ratings while spirit airlines and virgin america were the worst. united ranked in the middle with 84%. spirit had the highest cancellation raid about 1 in 70 flights. we are another step closer to knowing if the food we eat contains genetically modified ingredients. president obama just got
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legislation that would require labeling on food packages. the labels would have to have text or a symbol readable by smartphones indicating gmos. the white house says the president will sign the bill. the agriculture department will then have two years to write the rules. the 68th prime time emmy nominations are out. the announcement was made this morning in los angeles. >> our first category is outstanding lead actor in a drama series aned nominees are... >> kyle chandler of blood lines, ronnie mal lack of mr. robot and other actors. h-b-o's "game of thrones" leads the pack.. w ominations. "american crime story: the people vs o-j simpson".. >> they got nods for that category. hb's game of throne leading the pack with 23 nominations, "game of thrones." the people versus o.j. simpson and fargo got 22 each. the "late late show" with james corden nominated for best
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variety talk series and then among the snubs, lady gaga, who won a golden globe for her role in american horror story, the star show outlander and the final season of cbs' acclaimed "the good wife." the awards show airs on september 18. gaming fans, get ready for another blast from the past. >> first pokemon this week and now this. nintendo. it's releasing what it calls the nes classic edition. this november it's coming out. it's a mini version of the original entertainment system. it comes with 30 iconic games built in including super mario brothers. this doesn't take cartridges. it's built in. users can connect it to the tv with an hdmi cable. and the price tag pretty good, 60 bucks. drones taking on a new
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frontier going under water. kpix 5's devin fehely on how these eyes under the surface could change what we know about rivers and reservoirs. >> reporter: these aerial drones made millions into -- promises to taxes form us into under water ex--- to transform us into under water explorers. >> you will be surprised how many bodies of water are amazing. >> reporter: this engineer designed his first under water drone five years ago explore the wild west involving lost treasure and an underground lake. >> story goes that in 1800s during the gold robbery this gold was thrown down a bottomless water filled pit and to this day no one has been able to find this cave with the golden bottom. >> reporter: they never found the treasure but may have stumbled on a gold mine all his own. he started selling do it yourself under water drone kits and later this year his company will release the trident one of the first commercially available under water drones
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that's ready right out of the box. >> nothing like this really exists at the consumer level. you know, you have to spend many thousands of dollars to have equipment that can do this. what we are trying to do is democratize exploration. >> reporter: it goes down 100 meters about a football field under water. it uses a tether connected to a buoy on the water's surface to send back video in real time. thigh try denied helps us see what lies below. >> we think our under water drones are going to be cool because you're seeing things no one has seen before. >> reporter: in berkeley, devin fehely, kpix 5. talk about a once in a lifetime opportunity. >> coming up, a young bay area chef gets his chance to cook for first lady michelle obama. >> and then new at 6:00 tonight, a bay area car dealership goes bust. the shutdown that's leaving more than 100 customers in limbo. >> i'm mike sugerman following breaking news from nice, france.
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french authorities say at least 75 people are dead and hundreds more injured after a driver of a semi truck plowed into crowds celebrating bastille day. witnesses say the driver got out and opened fire. that driver is now dead. inside the truck they found firearms, explosives and grenades. about 10 minutes ago, president obama condemned the attack and offered france u.s. assistance. scott pelley will have more coming up on the "cbs evening news" at 5:30. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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today featured the biggest temperature spread we have seen so far this year. 40 degrees. it was in the low 60s at the coast. it was in the low 100s away from the water. temperatures right now as you watch the fog envelope much of the city of san francisco, where the city is only 62 degrees, 82 in san jose, 83 for santa rosa but 98 in livermore and 99 in concord. lots of places with highs above
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90 degrees today including john muir middle school in san jose. 91. kennilworth junior high school in petaluma 93. pleasant hill 99. walnut creek at rossmoor 96 degrees. speaking of walnut creek, let me take you there. lots of heat scorcher in the east bay today one of the hottest days of the year. 95 before lunchtime. some folks ran around, some found shade, others looked to get away from the hot weather which we had in walnut creek and many inland communities today. overnight tonight, we'll cool down to the 50s. that's the best part. not living somewhere humid is that we do cool off as soon as the sun goes down and we will tonight. oakland tonight 56. san jose 58. pacifica 51. san rafael your low 53 degrees. tomorrow will be our third consecutive "spare the air" day. it's the east bay again. you're the one spot with the unhealthy air quality. that's enough to fire off that "spare the air" alert once again tomorrow. that said, tomorrow will not be as hot as today because our big strong ridge of high pressure which is limiting the onshore flow is beginning to move.
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as it leaves this guy way up in british columbia is going to dive down to off the oregon coastline. that will bring back the onshore flow. temperatures drop to about 3 or 4 degrees tomorrow. about 15 more degrees coming up on saturday. tomorrow morning will be crystal clear away from the water. but a very foggy and chilly start. some drizzle is possible san mateo coastline and the clouds will hang tough at the beach once again. some of you won't hit 60 whereas inland you will have your third straight day in the 90s. so fog anywhere near the water overnight tonight. temperatures begin to return to seasonal levels tomorrow. but significant cooling begins saturday and continues on sunday. so concord you hit 100 today. tomorrow, still hot, not as hot, 92. 96 livermore. 82 for san rafael and napa. 86 for san jose. a little cooler a little foggier and cloudier, san francisco 67 degrees. extended forecast, we cool down significantly over the weekend. mid-80s that's it by sunday inland. 60s near the bay. 50s and 60s at the beach. and once we get cool, we stay cool. we'll be back in 2 minutes. ,,,,
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google says 11 new emojis have "a he more emojis coming to your iphone and android. 11 new emojis have a goal of highlighting the diversity of women's careers and empowering girls everywhere. among the new emoji characters is a doctor, a scientist, a farmer and a welder. the characters are available in male forms, as well. and they can be customized for skin tone. male and female versions are
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coming to 33 existing emojis, for example, they will be able to pick both a female runner and male runner emoji or a man or woman getting a haircut. >> exciting. so the white house had a special dinner today for some of the most promising kid chefs in america. >> that's exciting. and one of them is from right here in the bay area of the he is 8-year-old cannon meiers of santa rosa. he was selected by a panel of blue ribbon judges for his original healthy recipe called cannon's california rolls. today, he and his mom entered the east room joining dozens of other kids and celebrity chefs. the event was put on by michelle obama as part of her "let's move" campaign. she says the kids are the ones who made it all happen. >> today here at the white house kid farmers helped grow the food used to prepare kid chef recipes.
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isn't that something? >> and we have his recipes on captions by: caption colorado 'll see captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: breaking news in france. a truck has plowed into a crowd celebrating bastille day. also tonight, ending the surprise. donald trump chooses mike pence as his running mate as our new poll finds the presidential race in a dead heat. who is voting for trump? >> reporter: you were a lifelong democrat? >> yes. >> reporter: and you're wearing a trump shirt. >> pelley: d.w.a., driving while angry. in a new study, eight out of ten drivers admit doing it. this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition.


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